Piotr Malachowski 67.45m in Rabat


Diamond Race continued today in Rabat, Morocco. Piotr Malachowski won the meet with a new meeting record from his last round - 67.45m. Second was Robert Urbanek 65.04m and third Zoltan Kövago 64.42m.

They were followed by Philip Milanov 63.74m, Apostolos Parellis 63.46m, Martin Kupper 63.13m, Daniel Stahl 61.09m and Gerd Kanter 60.70m.

Malachowski has the lead in Diamond Race with 20 points. Both Urbanek and Milanov have 9 points.

Video of Malachowski 67.45m

Wierig 67.60m in Wiesbaden

Martin Wierig

Legendary WLV Werfercup 2016 was held today in Wiesbaden and great results were achieved during the day.

Martin Wierig won the meet with 67.60m and Daniel Jasinski threw 67.16m. Markus Münch was third with 62.67m.

At U23 Men Discus Norwegian Sven Martin Skagestad had a huge throw and won the meet with 65.20m.

Julia Fischer won women discus 66.59m, she was followed by Nadine Müller 65.42m, Shanice Craft 64.62m, Anna Rüh 63.42m, Bin Feng 63.15m and Kristin Pudenz 61.01m.

Malachowski WL 68.03m, Milanov NR 67.26m in Doha


It truly was a thrilling start for the Olympic Season in Diamond League Doha. Philip Milanov took the lead on the 5th round with a new NR 67.26m and Piotr Malachowski took the lead back in the 6th round with WL 68.03m.

Victor Hogan was third with 65.59m and was followed by Robert Urbanek 63.13m, Daniel Stahl 64.06m, Axel Härstedt 62.54m, Zoltan Kövago 61.67m and Benn Harradine 61.04m.

VIDEO from the meet

Philip Milanov 66.88m in Herentals


Philip Milanov competed yesterday in Herentals and did an amazing result - 66.88m, just 2cm from his Belgium Record.

Milanov had a good series - besides the SB throw he had 65.99m and 65.32m.
You can check the video from Philip´s Facebook page 

Erik Cadee was second with 59.47m.

Fedrick Dacres WL 68.02m

fedrick dacres

Young jamaican discus thrower Fedrick Dacres won a meet in La Jolla with a new personal best and WL 68.02m. Fedrick had an amazing series 64.85 65.77 63.42 67.87 WL PB 65.86 68.02 WL PB. He improved his PB by over a meter (previous PB was 66.75m). Another great result from the same meet was second place Daniel Stahl with 66.42m and Matthew Denny 64.13.

Fedrick Dacres 68.02m
Daniel Stahl 66.42m

Daniel Ståhl throws 66.74m in Salinas.

Daniel Stahl Beijing

Swedish thrower Daniel Ståhl opened his season in Salinas USA and won the meet with 66.74m. This result gives him 3rd position at the world season list and it is only 15cm from his personal best thrown in 2014.

As the meet only measured the longest throw, then we only know his 3rd round exactly 66.74m. Other throws in the series were around: 64,5, 63, 66.74, foul, 65 and 66 meters.

Other results from Szombathely Hungary, where Mahmoud Samimi improved his PB to 65.00m exactly.



Best throws in 2017

Fedrick Dacres
2 Daniel Stahl 68.36
3 Andrius Gudzius 67.38
4 Andrew Evans 66.61
Lois M Martinez
6 L Wesshaidinger 65.73
Viktor Butenko
8 Traves Smikle 64.64


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